Nairn Angling Association AGM  2015


The NAA AGM will be held on Tuesday 8th December 2015 at 7.30 p.m. The venue will be St Ninians Bowling Club Viewfield Nairn.






Cawdor lease renewal.

There will be a NAA members meeting to discuss this on Tuesday 27th October 2015 at St Ninians bowling club starting at 20:00.




The river continued to drop away all week, and there seems little prospect of any substantial rain in the forecast. According to the SEPA site, it only needs to drop another inch to break the lowest level since records were started. Only 1 fish was caught during the week, by Gordon Rennie who on Tuesday managed to catch a 6 lb grilse he released. Some fish are showing in the low water but are mostly coloured and a rise is urgently needed to bring in some fresh fish before the season ends. The best flies seem to be Allys, Flamethrower, Cascade and Park Shrimp but as the season reaches the end, anything with red in it is also worth a try.





We had 2 rises in levels this week, a 4 inch rise on monday, and after torrential rain on saturday morning, the river rose a foot. It was tuesday when the first fish were caught, with a grilse to Gordon Rennie, 2 grilse to Robin Mitchell and a grilse and a 12 lb salmon to Peter Wall. Wednesday and Gordon was on the mark again with a grilse, David Wilson and Ian Maclaren also scoring, and Dave Carson with his first grilse of the season. No more were caught until saturday, when a mornings fishing saw Gordon with 2 sea liced crackers of 6 lbs and 5 lbs. As usual the river is in perfect order (sunday) with levels dropping fast, but monday should see a few caught. Rain seems to be non existent now for a few days, so sticking to size 12 flies should see success in the fast runs, with Cascade and Allys favourites.





The river was low until wednesday when torrential rain caused a 2 foot rise on thursday. On tuesday before the spate, Brian Herbert had a 7 lb salmon in the low water. Thursday saw very high water, but dropping fast, but nothing was caught. Friday and things picked up, with Davie Campbell having 3 grilse for his day on fly, releasing 2. John Macdougall had a 4 lb grilse, Brian Stewart a 4 lb grilse, and David Wilson a 4 lb grilse. Fishing on a visitor day ticket, Cedric Joli Don from Switzerland, who had blanked on Findhorn, decided to fish the Nairn and was rewarded with his first salmon ever, a sea liced 4 lb grilse. Saturday saw levels dropping fast but 4 were caught. Davie Campbell again scored with 2 grilse, releasing 1. John Macdougall had a nice 7 lb salmon, and Jake Steven a 4 lb grilse. The river has now got a good stock of grilse so lets hope things continue to pick up. Small flies are best for the grilse with Cascade, Allys and Flamethrower size 10 to 12 recommended. Mr C Black







As part of the consultation on Wild Fisheries Reform, Scottish Government is holding a number of ‘drop-in’ events across Scotland. These events will allow interested parties, and particularly the general public, to discuss the issues raised in the consultation with Scottish Government officials.


There will be one held at Kingsmill hotel Inverness on 30th July 2015 between 11:00 - 15:00.





Low water persisted until Tuesday night, when heavy rain caused a good 3 foot rise in levels. The river was almost unfishable all day on wednesday, but Hughie Fraser persevered and had a 3 lb sea trout in the dirty water. Thursday and the river level was perfect, and Billy Milne had a good afternoon with a 4 lb grilse and 2 sea trout he released. Bill Maitland had his first fish of the season a 3 lb grilse on worm, Charlie Black an 8 lb salmon on his size 12 Cascade and Adrian Ormerod had a 9 lb salmon. Friday and in spite of good water only 3 fish were caught, Gordon Rennie had an 8 lb salmon Robin Mitchell a 6 lb grilse and Sandy Wallace an 8 lb salmon. It was a bit disappointing that not more fish were caught or seen, but the grilse seem to be late once again.






The river had a couple of nice rises during the week but catches were still disappointing for some reason. On monday, Thomas Lobar had 2 lb sea trout. Tuesday saw him landing a 6 lb salmon on fly. Next day Charlie Black had a fresh sea trout of 3 lbs, and Bobo Mackintosh had his first fish of the year on fly, a cracking sea liced 8 lb salmon from the Town Water. Friday and Jake Steven had a nice 3 lb sea trout. Today (sunday) has seen some heavy rain and showers and the river is rising, so monday should not be missed. Thereafter, a heat wave is coming and levels are bound to fall away quickly. Sea trout seem to present in a lot of pools but seem reluctant to take anything.
Today (sunday) there has been heavy rain during the night, and showers most of the day and the river is now rising. Should be a good week in prospect, especially the start of the week.





The river remained low throughout the week with no discernable rise in levels, and indeed dropped away further. Summer level is now reached and the forecast does not look good for another week. The only solution in the very low water, was to go out in the evening and fish until dark. Jake Steven did that on last monday evening and was rewarded with a 3 lb sea trout in the Town water. On friday, Peter Wall who is a sea trout fanatic had 3 sea trout to 3 lbs, all of which he released, in the Kildrummie area.
Its well worth a try at night for sea trout, with small flies even in the low water, as there appear to be some good fish about.





Three salmon and one seatrout reported for this week so far.The previous week Brian Macrae had a sealiced 8 lb fish from Holmrose. On the Tuesday saw 2 cracking 12 lb salmon caught by Ron Cameron and Ali Mackellar who released his. Gordon Rennie had 2 lb sea trout. Wednesday and Sandy Wallace on his holidays, had an 8 lb salmon and Peter Wall a lovely 4 lb sea trout he released. Thursday saw Sandy Wallace score again with a sea liced 13 lb salmon on his purple shrimp fly. He also got an 8 lb salmon on saturday in spite of the awful weather.




With the catch and release recommendation lifted the first official recorded fish in the books goes to Hughie Fraser. Well done to him, his 9.5lb fish wins him the clubs Peter Ramsay  trophy for 2015. Another 3 salmon recorded in the books this week  with Adrian Ormerod one of the successful anglers. Reports of good sized seatrout continue to be come in, another 3 this week all around the 4lb mark, Peter walls and Bryan Macrae both having success Bryans fish from can be seen in the Gallery.





The Nairn level had dropped back the last 2 weeks, however for those who ventured out there was some success to report. Sandy Wallace had a fish of 8lb and Gordon Rennie had a fish at 7lb. Hughie Fraser having previously lost  a large fish finally land a 9.5lb fish at Howford yesterday, another 3 other fish were also reported later. Some really good seatrout have also been reported  there have been 3 recorded for last week  with the largest recorded at 6lb.This is a great start to the season for the Nairn. The water is again looking good after the last rain so get your tickets from Pat Frasers in Nairn or book online through Fishpal.




The river is starting to drop off now but there are clearly a few fish in the system

2 x fish to 10lb were reported  on Thursday with a large fish lost in Cawdor Pot on Friday.




For a chance of a springer the Nairn seems to be the place to be right now.  Last week Alistair Mackellar  and Kelvin |Fraser both landed fish of 10lb.


This week is off to a flier with Alistair McKeller and Gordon Rennie both having 3 fish each ranging from 8 - 10lb. Another fish around 9lb has also just been reported from Milton around 2 weeks ago.





Fish are definitely around, both Charlie Black and Peter Wall have  both lost springers. Finally a 9lb sea-liced fish was landed by Alistair Mackellar from Milton. The Nairn has good water currently and with increasing temperatures the chances of connecting with one of these early fish are good.




The opening ceremony had a good turnout although the water was on the rise and by the afternoon was unfishable. The river remained high through the following week  however as the water started to drop off an 8lb springer was returned  by David Johnstone from Colins pool on Saturday 14th. Fish are being reported from other rivers so definitely worth a cast.


The NAA season for 2015 will start open on Saturday the 7th March, with the opening ceremony being held at the Jubilee Bridge at 10:00. The club are actively wanting encourage new  members  to join  the club for 2015 .At the NAA’s  2014 AGM meeting some new changes were voted through:


Junior Membership now free up to age 16

Visitor Day tickets have been reduced to £25 per day

Joining fee has been removed

Non Resident ticket reduced to £175

Intermediate ticket age 17 -21 now £15

Student permit removed


The Leanach Beat fishing will not be renewed for 2015.


The NAA rule concerning all Fish to be returned up to the 31st of May has been removed.


Anglers are now required by Law to return all fish up to the 31st March.


After this date the NAA will follow the NDSFB catch and release recommendation for all fish to be returned up to the 1st May.



The Nairn season runs from March 1st to 7th October and day or weekly tickets are available to visiting anglers. Methods are Fly and Worm, Spinning is also allowed when water levels are above the spinning marks.


For a relatively small river it can be very productive, both in terms of the quality of fish caught and the quantity. Often called "The little Gem" the Nairn can provide fantastic sport for local anglers and visiting fishers alike.


The River Nairn rises in headstreams on the slopes of Carn Ghriogair in the Monadhliath Mountains and flows North-Eastwards through Strathnairn for 38 miles to empty into the Moray Firth at Nairn.


The Nairn Angling Association holds 8 miles of fishing offering the angler some of the best Salmon & Sea Trout Association water in Scotland. The fishing's are over some 7 beats and include some excellent fly water.


The Nairn Angling Association dates back to 1923 and its aim is to promote and improve fishing, on an 8 mile stretch of the river Nairn for both local people and visitors alike.


River Bailiff  0782 5554808


The Nairn Angling Association holds 8 miles of fishing offering the angler some of the best Salmon & Sea Trout Association water in Scotland. The fishing's are over some 7 beats and include some excellent fly water.


The Nairn Angling Association dates back to 1923 and its aim is to promote and improve fishing, on an 8 mile stretch of the river Nairn for both local people and visitors alike.