NDSFB Salmon\Seatrout Conservation code 2019


*** Prior to 1st April it is a criminal offence to retain a salmon or grilse. By law any salmon or grilse that is severely injured or damaged, dies or is killed before this date must be returned to the river. ***

The Nairn remains a Grade 1 river, indicating mandatory catch and release will not be required, but this will be reviewed annually. The Nairn DSFB is therefore asking all anglers to comply with the voluntary Conservation Code which aims to increase release rates for salmon to 75%. This new legislation does not apply to sea trout but given the poor returns of sea trout in recent years a stronger conservation policy is also required.

1.    Catch & Release Anglers are requested to:- 
· Release all fish up to 1 st May. 
· Release all stale and gravid salmon and grilse and as many hen salmon/grilse as possible.
· Targets - 100% release rate for salmon to end of April, 75% or more release rate for salmon & grilse to the end of the season (i.e retain only one fish in every four caught). 
Sea Trout- 75% or more release rate 
2.    Method 
· Before 1st May, those beats allowing spinning will endeavour to curtail this practice & encourage fly fishing. In general spinning is only permitted when water levels are above 0.5m on the SEPA gauge (check current river levels online at http://apps.sepa.org.uk/waterlevels/?sd=t&lc=234218. Within the Nairn AA waters use the red mark visible on gauges on river bridges.
· Anglers are requested to use “pinched” or barbless hooks & to refrain from using triple hooked flies in preference to single hooks where possible.
· The use of shrimp & prawn is not permitted.
· Worm fishing is discouraged and will cease from the 1st September each year.
3.    Fishing Effort 
· Where possible, the numbers of hours & rods fished should be limited. 
· Anglers are encouraged to fish no more than 10 hours in any one day.