Permits are available now in Pat Frasers but only 1 person is allowed in the shop at a time, so please obey the rule. A resume of last year is available when you buy your permit and also a balance sheet.

Permit prices are unchanged for 2021 season.

Season opens as usual on 11th February.


There will be no opening ceremony due to Covid

Covid rules will be the same regarding hand sanitiser and wipes.

We have Nairnside fishings once again and this is now in the permit.


There was no AGM last year due to covid and the committee is therefore the same as last year.

Everything else is the same as last year with no rule changes.


Volunteers are required for work parties on the river due to the usual winter floods. Please call Billy Maitland for information when they will be starting on 07799 876611.

Have a good safe season.